• Navigating towards South-East Asian markets may look like a long journey…

    “Connecting the world to share the best” – Athenia-link

  • We’ll help you in your search for Asian markets understanding..

    “Connecting the world to share the best” – Athenia-link

  • allowing you to hook solid and reliable outlets in Asia

    “Connecting the world to share the best” – Athenia-link

  • Patience, humbleness and innovation: key words to get a foot in the Lion City

    “Connecting the world to share the best” – Athenia-link


Because investing in emerging markets is challenging and requires more than just a good idea,  you will benefit from Celine’s international experience and extended network. Step by step, we’ll evaluate the potential of your business and make sure that you get all the information required. Should you want to move forward, we’ll work together to introduce you to local distributors or partners.


ATHENIA-LINK is strategically located in Singapore, one of the most vibrant and safest gateways to Asian markets. The Lion city is definitely the best city to radiate from in South East Asia. Geographically close to the other “Asian economic tigers”, Celine will accompany you in your search for strategic information and potential distributors/partners.


Because best opportunities do not necessarily match “big branding”, we specialize in supporting small to medium companies engaged in niche markets or responsible investment in Asia. Athenia-link’s goal is definitely aimed at supporting Asia’s development while, at the same time, providing the region with the best.

  • Are you a small to medium sized company and contemplating business opportunities  in Asia?
  • Do you not have enough time or resources to support local investigation, market research and business development?
  • Do you need to evaluate your potential before moving forward?
  • Or are you already based in Asia and need temporary help for a specific research or business development plan?

ATHENIA-LINK ‘s mission is to support those companies that are already successful but do not have the time or the resource to evaluate or develop their business ventures in Asia. Having spent the last 12 years living and working in as diverse locations as Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia, Céline gained a global experience and is currently based in Singapore, one of the most important commercial and financial hubs in South East Asia.

Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and opportunities clearly exist. However, the region is not as uniform as it might first appear: cultural, regulatory & investment differences can generate real complications that impeed with the smooth running of business operations. Local knowledge, contacts and trustworthy help is always needed. Céline has therefore decided to dedicate her skills and expertise to providing support to companies developing their activities in Asia

Is the market already dominated by large corporations? No room for small players? At ATHENIA-LINK, we will help you open the doors and save you time and money.

Celine bourban moreau-pernetCéline Bourban Moreau-Pernet

Ex-Investment banker and passionate explorer of developing countries, Céline now dedicates her skills & expertise to small and medium companies in their business ventures in Asia. Professional & animated by a natural sense of network development, she will guide you through the whole process of turning your business venture into reality.

Contact Details:

You can email me at: celinebourban@athenia-link.com

or you can contact me through the contact form.