Navigating your way in tumultuous waters

Defined as highly unpredictable, black swan events come as a shock and usually lead to massive portfolio value destruction due to investors panic . While some will retroactively argue that these events were actually predictable, the fact is that history in stock markets shows that such events happened…and will happen again and again whatever the […]

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Asset Managers – adapt to Asian markets taste

According to AT Kearney, 23% of AUM in Asia (USD4.4 trillion) were managed from western asset managers by December 2014. While the West keeps dominating the global investment funds industry, the current redraw of global wealth to the Far East is shifting likewise the asset management centres and distribution schemes . Many are gathering at […]

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The situation couldn’t be more ironic. On one side, regulatory pressures have left little room of manoeuvre to the financial industry. On the other side, fintech startups and social networks have soared as mushrooms. Threat and opportunity at the same time, this new phenomenon cast a shadow on the existence of traditional banks but has […]



Latin America and China couldn’t express more clearly the Yin-Yang concept: so different but interdependent at the same time. Having benefited of the commodities bonanza years in the 2000’s, Latin America is now painfully feeling the boomerang effect of China’s economic deceleration. The boomerang effect after the commodities bonanza years Last July, the IMF severly downgraded […]

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Despite numerous factors of global instability, the release of french stock’s first semester results confirmed Europe’s return to grace. Expectations were high and corporates provided what the market was desperately looking after: revenues growth but most importantly operating margin’s improvement. Optimism at its highest According to a french financial press report (Les Echos – July […]

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A new investment era driven by the rise of emerging markets

Ageing population, near zero interest rates, desinflation risks, sluggish economies, geopolitical issues. Current bearish and unstable global outlook have been turning investors into extreme caution as per investment allocations. The majority has been adopting a very conservative bias in the wait of a renewed growth secular trend as we used to experience in the past […]