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Central Banks’s musical chairs game..

Investing in Capital Markets has been like a musical chairs game over the last few years with Central Banks as bandmasters playing desperately faster so as to revive sluggish economies. The financial crisis trauma of 2008 is still in minds and fears of a financial collapse with domino’s effect are haunting the place. In spite […]

Platten / Querdenker

Fund managers: What makes you unique?

As the markets keep extremely volatile, fund managers are working very hard to deliver attractive investment pitch to get a foot into the Asian market. However, as most may have already experienced, penetrating the asian market can take time: working your branding and providing for short-term attractive return are the minimum basics but having this […]

Financial data and technology

Digitalisation : a must-have for the asset management industry

With the investment industry getting more and more global, one question remains: has the asset management industry really aligned with future investor’s needs? On one side, most institutions developed to a global scale, providing investors with additional diversity and ease of investments access. On the other side, one must acknowledge that the same institutions remained […]